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You can file your Taxpayer Annual Local Income Tax returns HERE.




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Did you know there are four ways in which you can meet the Act 32 requirements of electronic filing on the JTS system?

  1. You can manually register all your employees on this site once you have registered and logged in. Later, you would enter batches of tax withholding on another, similar page. This is the recommended method for small employers.
  2. You can use Excel to create your submission using the Simplified CSV Format. This works best when filing a single EIN at a time.
  3. You can use Excel to create your submission using the CSV Electronic Filing Format. This works best when filing for multiple EINs in a single submission.
  4. PREFERRED METHOD: You can create a file in the Act-32 Electronic Filing Format (Modified EFW2). This is the preferred method of filing for large employers, multiple location employers and payroll service bureaus. This format is accepted by 48* of the 69 Tax Collection Districts in Pennsylvania. (* Number of participating Tax Collection Districts current as of September 20, 2016)

See http://www.jordantax.com/Act32/EmployerForms.html for details about each of these formats under the heading "ACT-32 Electronic Filing Formats".





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